Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Report

A Phase I evaluates the present and past uses of a property and the surrounding area to determine if significant environmental liabilities are likely present.  Apex Environmental conducts each property evaluation with an emphasis on researching and resolving potential environmental issues, and on determining if any unresolved environmental issues should be considered significant concerns (recognized environmental conditions) or if they are relatively minor in nature (de minimis conditions) with regard to the proposed future land use.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase IIIf a significant environmental issue cannot be resolved during the Phase I process, physical testing of the soil and groundwater can be utilized to provide additional data for further evaluating potential liabilities.  Apex Environmental utilizes low-impact sampling techniques to minimize property damage, and emphasizes a knowledgeable, common-sense analysis of the data to evaluate the significance of the issue and what actions may be needed to correct the problem.

Site Investigations, Remedial Actions, Closure Requests

RemediationIf significant environmental contamination is encountered, Apex Environmental can assist in properly reporting the contamination to the appropriate agency, investigating the extent and degree of the contamination in an economical manner, and obtaining regulatory closure action to resolve the issue.

Tank Closure Assessments

Underground Storage Tank RemovalIn Wisconsin, certain regulated underground storage tanks require a tank closure assessment upon abandonment or removal.  Apex Environmental is experienced in managing and coordinating storage tank removals, conducting tank closure assessments, preparing tank closure assessment reports, and explaining the results to the tank owner.

Regulatory Assistance and Communication

DNR & EPA WebsitesDealing with regulatory agencies can often be intimidating – the laws, regulations, and terminology can be confusing, and misunderstandings can prove to be costly.  Apex Environmental can provide easy-to-understand explanations of environmental regulations and requirements, and can provide an experienced, professional interface between clients and regulators.


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